Extreme Health in 90 days


Health  is a process, a lifestyle, and a mindset. I invite you to take a  journey with me...a journey towards optimal health. We never just arrive  and stay there. It takes mindfulness and knowledge, which lead to  consistent right actions and choices. Homeostasis means balance,  especially as it pertains to the body. We are always in a state of  change, and there are factors that can influence how we feel and  function. My goal is to empower you, to give you a solid foundation upon  which you can stand and feel confident when it comes to your self-care:  nourishing your body, detoxifying it, and using food as medicine. With  the right tools, information, and resources, you can be confident as you  grow older, knowing that you are your own best doctor, and you can live  your life with vibrancy and energy. There is an alternative to drugs  and surgery; I invite you to explore it with me . . . 

  1) The Journey Begins - The First 40 Days - Getting Started

 2) The Essential Process of Detoxification

 3) A Guided Tour Through The Health Food Store (virtual or hands on)  

4) Setting Up A Healthy Kitchen (virtual or hands on) 

5) Adding Food As Your Program Evolves 

6) Preparing For The Next 40 Days

7) Therapeutic Program Vs. Optimal Daily Health Program


8) Meal Planning & Recipes 

9) Move That Body! 

10) After 80 Days - Maintaining It  

11) Putting It All Together  - A Lifestyle You Can Live With


12) The Extreme Health Community - Supporting Mind, Body, & Spirit  

What you get:

 5 hours of consultation time per month - 15 total 

Superfoods & supplements

Optional (highly recommended for local clients) - 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions 

Optional and highly recommended - Extreme Health ongoing support group and community 

Investment:- $2,250 consultation time - initial deposit

Approximately $700 - $800 for superfoods & supplements over the course of three months 

3 colon hydrotherapy sessions - highly recommended if local - $360

Ongoing Extreme Health support group and community - $47 per month

Estimated total cost $3,000 without colon hydrotherapy


 $3,360 with colon hydrotherapy  


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