1) Health & Nutritional Consultations - in person or by phone, Skype, Zoom, etc.
One session - $150
Series of 4 one hour sessions - once a week - $500  - save $100

Series of 8 sessions - once a week - $800- save $400   

 2) Colon Hydrotherapy  

Colon hydrotherapy is the gentle introduction of purified water into  the  colon (large intestine) to dissolve and eliminate old waste matter. It  is  an extremely effective way to detoxify the body, and to restore the  body's own natural peristalsis, the natural movement of the colon  necessary to eliminate efficiently.
One session - $130 

Series of 3 - $345 (save $45) - $115 each

Series of 6 - $660 (save $120) - $110 each 

Series of 12 - $1,260 - (save $300) - $105 each

3) A Guided Tour Through The Health Food Store  
This is a hands on, on your feet, show and tell experience! Walk through  every aisle of the health food store, learn meal and menu planning, and  the logistics of daily healthy eating, so that it becomes second nature  to you. Best of all, learn the healthy alternatives to what you are  eating now, so that you don't feel deprived. 

$125 per hour - 2 hour minimum 

Group tours available: price per person depends upon the number of people on the tour. 

4) Extreme Health In 90 Days - Joyce's Signature Health Program

We  have an internal blueprint for perfect health. Allow nature to restore  you. I'd be honored to help you through the process. My signature  program can help you get there...  

Extreme Health in 90 Days